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We are very excited to announce 2018 Tiger J Taekwondo Summer Camp!


We've put together a fun and diverse curriculum for an exciting summer of healthy body and mind:

Kids will stay active and fit with swim classes, exercise in the park, and, of course, taekwondo classes.

Meanwhile, their creativity and intellectual curiosity will be stimulated in art classes, 

science classes, reading, and other fun activities.


The Summer Camp is open for children age 5 to 9. To ensure each child receives full attention of the instructors, 

we are limiting the number of campers to 20,  so make sure to secure your spots!


Gift your child an unforgettable summer of fun and learning!

Inquire and sign-up at the front desk.

To download a registration form, click here.

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Tiger J TKD Summer Camp Schedule
Tiger J TKD Summer Camp Schedule

*Every camper must bring a lunch, one or more water bottles and a snack.

*Campers need to wear sandals/slippers and bring swimsuit, swim cap and towel in a separate bag for swimming.

*Campers need to bring their own books for the reading class.

*Tiger J TKD members need to bring their Taekwondo uniforms for Taekwondo class.

*Non Tiger J members need to wear Tiger J t-shirts and active pants for Taekwondo class.

*Campers are required to wear Tiger J t-shirts whenever their group travels outside during the camp.

*The schedule may change under certain circumstances.


Click HERE to view more photos from this year's camp on our FB page!

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